The 10 biggest mistakes in working life. What will you regret in 20 years?

It may seem that every day we are facing a decision that will affect us for a long time. But can we tell which choices are the most important?

You may often be wondering if you should say about pay increases. Or to extend your vacation. Or whether to join this or that project. Perhaps these questions now seem like the most important. But over the really important elections, which you may regret enough in 20 years, you do not break your head at all. We bring you a list of ten of them.

1. You pretend to be something you’re not

You may have made yourself a sports fan to impress a boss or an expert on something you don’t really understand at all. Or you were quiet, even if you disagreed with something. What seemed like a good move earlier may be the reason why you feel empty in a few years.

2. You decide only by money

Money is important. But not the most important. Perhaps you would be much more satisfied with the less stressful occupation for a lower salary, you just don’t want to admit it. What’s more, more satisfaction means higher productivity, so in the beginning you could be promoted to a higher paid position and thus more money.

3. Thinking differently about your work

That would be a perfect job if only… Unnecessary. Well, if you’re not a boss. If you don’t like it, try it elsewhere.

4. You’re comfortable

You have a pretty good job with a pretty good salary, so why change it? Because if you have more, it shouldn’t be good enough for you.

5. You work 50, 60 or 80 hours a week

Maybe you have a lot of money, but do you have time to enjoy it? Nobody says on the deathbed: I wish I worked more.

6. Friends and family are second only

Career is important, but it does not really cost a bankruptcy of family relationships and long-term friendships. It is not either that or it is important to be able to find a compromise solution.

7. You are trying to organize everything

Everything can’t go on schedule. You can’t do anything about it. If you do not realize it in time, you will become a bundle of nerves and you will be stressed by every little thing.

8. At any cost you are trying not to make mistakes

Of course, doing things well is a necessary condition for success. However, in the desire to be perfect, we can often follow a proverb who does nothing, does nothing, and forget that risk is profit.

9. You only think of yourself

Opportunities for success are often hidden in helping others. If you only keep your needs in the first place, you won’t get far.

10. You do not appreciate your own happiness

Now I’m going to work hard, and I’ll make it up later. People often postpone their happiness on then. But it can easily happen that no one will ever be.