How challenging is an MBA study? We found out for you!

How challenging is an MBA study? Can I handle it in my exhausting job or business? And can it be combined with family and leisure? Probably everyone who has ever considered this prestigious management studio asks these and other similar questions. And it is often not easy to get answers before you start studying. That is why we have found out for you information directly from the graduates who have already successfully completed this type of study.

At the beginning we may have some bad news for some of you – the MBA title cannot really be obtained without work and effort. At least not at the CEMI institute, with a unique survey conducted by STEM / MARK in April 2019. On the other hand, the difficulty of the MBA study at CEMI corresponded to the expectations of 3⁄4 of respondents, which corresponds to the fact that on the website of the institute all interested persons will find complete information about the content of individual subjects and the principle of study, and when deciding on the study everything is even more personal or explained in detail by phone.

Working activities do not touch study much

The online MBA study, which CEMI pioneered, placed restrictions on their personal rather than working life. In fact, a total of 81% of graduates did not notice any restrictions at work, and another 18% were only a partial limitation of work activities. On the other hand, only 35% of graduates did not have to limit their personal lives at all, while another 55% managed their studies with partial limitation of their personal activities and only one in ten had to significantly reduce their personal activities due to their studies.

Seminar work as an important part of MBA studies

Relatively much time is spent preparing a seminar paper, most graduates over it spent on average more than 10 hours in one subject. On-line consultations with lecturers within one subject then took up most of the graduates an average of 3-4 hours, 16% of the graduates spent more than 5 hours with one of the lecturers. Seminar work is a key part of MBA studies, because by studying individual subjects, students gain the opportunity to continuously consult real problems, cases and situations from their practice with MBA lecturers – experts on the issue. In the framework of these consultations, they then process their solutions under their expert guidance in the form of a practically oriented seminar paper or case study. The outcome of each course is therefore a document immediately applicable in their company or employment, with high added value through private consultations with experts.

E-mail communication plays prim

According to the survey, consultations with lecturers are most often conducted via e-mail, while only 14% of the respondents used other options (such as a telephone, Skype, or personal meeting) during their studies. Due to the fact that the consultations do not take place in groups but only directly between the student and the lecturer, it is also possible to consult sensitive corporate matters, including specific data, within the MBA, without worrying about sharing these data with other students. According to this survey, 3-5 consultations took place with each lecturer during the seminar work.

The diploma thesis can do the most

Students can then elaborate individual seminar papers into their diploma thesis, which is a comprehensive strategic document that can have a major impact on their future professional life or business. As far as the thesis is concerned, only a quarter of the respondents managed to write their thesis within 20 days. This time span was more often enough for graduates under 45 years of age. The rest of the respondents processed it for a longer period of time – often over 30 days were needed over 45 years. The preparation of the diploma thesis was less demanding – less than 7 days was enough for more than half, especially for people under 45, but also for people with university education.

Is it worth studying an MBA?

This is another frequent question asked by those interested in studying. And in this case, the answer is clearly positive. According to another STEM / MARK survey one year earlier, 91% of graduates are convinced that investing in MBA studies is really worth it. For example, thanks to the MBA degree from the CEMI institute, managers have, on average, improved their salary by $ 6,588 per year, according to this survey. Most respondents (84%) also said they gained a lot of practical knowledge and skills in their field during their studies, while three-quarters of graduates experience a competitive advantage in the labor market with MBA degrees to those who only have an academic degree. In 58% of the respondents, after graduation, the professional hierarchy ranked higher.

MBA studies with extra benefits

The CEMI Institute is celebrating its 8th anniversary in June and over 1,600 students have decided to study for an MBA or LLM. As part of this anniversary, it also offers, until June 30, 2019, the historically lowest MBA study price, starting at $ 9,900 without VAT, which represents a return on investment in MBA studies at the one-year horizon. Now you have a unique opportunity to see for yourself that an MBA course can be mastered even when you are working or doing business! Log in online today and study the MBA since October!

Note: This unique survey of time-consuming MBA studies by STEM / MARK in the US took place in April 2019 on a sample of 184 MBA graduates at CEMI, from 2012-2019. In the article, the Survey on the Benefits of MBA Studies by STEM / MARK was conducted in March 2018 – April 2018 on a sample of 200 MBA graduates from 2012-2018.