For college without entrance? It goes!

Do you end high school and think where you will go after graduation? If you don’t want to pass the entrance exams, you can simply avoid them. You can choose from many different fields.

Advantages of universities without admission procedure

1. Personal approach and quality of teaching

Thousands of graduates go to public universities every year, while private schools tend to have significantly fewer applicants. This does not mean that private schools are of lower quality. It is often the other way around. Private university lecturers are practitioners and can give their students a lot of their knowledge and experience. Moreover, classes are not so numerous and students can enjoy a more personalized approach.

2. Attractive disciplines

Another advantage is the interesting fields of higher education. Will the offer of public universities come to you too limited and none of the available fields have taken you enough to be willing to take part in the admission procedure? If you do not want to be tied to the basic offer of fields, but you are interested in business, tourism, guiding or even air travel, you will surely find a private university.

3. Less stress

Graduation is in itself a great onslaught on the psyche, and preparation for it usually takes a lot of time. Therefore, not everybody can handle another big exam in the form of high school entrance exams. Universities without receivers give a helping hand to all students who simply do not want to experience further stress. So if you already know in advance that you will not want to learn anything in addition to your graduation questions, apply directly to one of the private schools.

Interesting fields

If you enjoy traveling and would like to work in tourism in the future, see the offer of the University of Business in NY. The course is practically oriented, equips you with language skills and gives you a solid foundation of marketing, management and psychology.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Tourism
  • Air traffic
  • air travel services in tourism
  • human resources development in transport economy
  • guide activity in tourism
  • Master’s degree
  • Tourism Management
  • airline management

Are you attracted by the University of NY and its attractive fields? Then read the website carefully, select the field of interest, and apply.